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Beyond the RWSD Substation

KPOV - 88.9 FM - High Desert Radio (Bend Oregon) - 10.15.2022

I was invited for the KPOV Fall Fundraiser.  This was the first day of sessions in their live performance room since the pandemic.  Setup was fast and furious...  This was my first live, public session with the new performance rig, which consisted of my modular system in an Intellijel 7U Performance Case, two Moog Mother 32 synths, my mighty Benidub DS71 Dub Siren, the Koma Electronik FX with Spring Reverb Tank, a Hologram Microcosm pedal, a SSL UF8 Mixer & an Evolution UC33e MIDI Controller.  Gurpreet Singh (GSC) dropped in on live trumpet towards the end.  I hope you can put on some headphones and settle into the experience.    

I had the Asian Underground in mind - innovative music from the mid to late 90's that emerged from and spoke into processes of negotiating multicultural identity, in this case Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi.  At the time, it was refreshing to see Subcontinental traditions brought into contemporary and future forms.  Roots and Wires.  In this more recent, raw, live performance, you hear field recordings from airports, capturing the liminal nature of both the physical and also psychological journey between cultures, as well as audio from a British documentary on the Asian Underground.  It starts off slow and then takes off into outer space...

You hear a mixture of elements, from multitrack stems of various unfinished projects I've been working on these last few years, dubbed live; a few original works performed live on the Eurorack and synthesizers; field recordings from the canyons of the Four Corner Region (including birds that chimed in at the end of our final dream circle), to the fruit markets of Punjab; and then some mostly unreleased selections from other Asian Underground artists.  


Click play above and follow along with the tracklist below.  As the alchemists proclaim, as is above shall be below...



  • 00:00:00 Jarabi - Live Modular & Moog

  • 00:01:40 Airport (field recording) & KPOV Hosts

  • 00:03:29 Aki Nawaz (from an 1991 Asian Underground documentary on Yorkshire Television)

  • 00:04:05 Guitar & Summit, children (field recording)

  • 00:06:30 Mother 32, Eurorack, Microcosm (live keys and pedal manipulation)

  • 00:06:50 Sheila Chandra (from this same 1991 documentary)

  • 00:07:50 Field recording of birds singing after our final dream circle, part of my 2022  river journey 

  • 00:09:25 Sheila Chandra “The Enchantment” - from “Weaving my Ancestors Voices” (live dubbed via Koma FX, spring reverb and delay)

  • 00:13:50 Talvin Singh - Unreleased (w/ live Dub Siren, Koma FX spring reverb/delay & one shot samples)

  • 00:18:17 RWSD (Special Agent K original production - with Preetam Ghosal on Sarod, SAK on tabla bhols and electronics) - “Dark Numinosities” (live dub of multitrack stems through Koma FX and tape delay)

  • 00:20:50 DJ Preet on KPOV fund drive…

  • 00:22:43 Balwinder Safri - “Karve Da Din” (DJ Zhao Remix; w/ live dubbing courtesy of Special Agent K)

  • 00:26:44 Bjork - Possibly Maybe (Talvin Singh Calcutta Cyber Cafe Mix; w/ live dubbing & Chandigarh street sound field recordings)

  • 00:31:32 The Dub Factory - “Kaise Guzar Rahi Hai” (w/ live dubbing & Pathankot street sound field recordings)

  • 00:35:18 Grooverider - “Starbase 23”

  • 00:35:40 Akira Sample; later, Street sound field recordings

  • 00:42:55 RWSD (Special Agent K Original Production w/ Ujwaal Nagar (Advaita) on classical vocals) - “Indo-Modular Junglism” (Live dub of multitrack stems through Koma FX and tape delay)

  • 00:47:05 Masala Soundsystem - “Rangjia”

  • 00:51:38 RWSD (Special Agent K Original w/ Gurpreet Singh on live trumpet in the KPOV Studio & James Hillman on the Morphagene) - “Minstrelism”

  • 00:54:40 - Linton Kwesi Johnson - “All We Doin’ is Defending”

  • 00:57:40 - DJ Preet & Halim El Dabh - “Wire Recorder Piece” (1944) w/ Fruit Market field recording

  • 00:59:24 - Love Joys - “Stranger”

  • 01:06:26 - Hugh Mundell - “Stop ‘Em Jah” with dub and dubbed live

  • 01:12:14 - Bjork - “Bachelorette” (Grooverider Remix)

  • 01:21:20 - DJ Preet and Special Agent K Interview

  • 01:29:10 - DJ Preet takes over starting with ADF - “Rebel Warrior”

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